The Gainesville Haymarket Youth Football League (GHFYL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a character building program for both boys and girls of the area through fundamental instructions associated with youth tackle football.



Please read carefully before registering

All registration fees include spirit week(s), weekly practices, weekend games, and a Grizzly Cheer Rally to close out the season. Cheerleaders will be responsible for the purchase of the Cheer uniform, black briefs, white socks, cheer shoes (all white), long sleeve black top and black leggings for colder games.  

Sideline Cheer – Kindergarten and 1st graders 

ALL Kindergarteners and 1st graders of the 2016-2017 Cheer season will cheer only at the Grizzly Sports Complex. Each game the squads will be assigned to a different home team. This eliminates the need for travel for our youngest cheerleaders.   This program registration fee covers the fees associated with the Park Authority, insurance, and practice rental space. 

Note: Additional fee for uniform purchase

Sideline Cheer Levels – 2nd -8th graders
$155 for Cheerleaders 

ALL 2nd-8th graders of the 2016-2017 Cheer season will cheer at all home games located at the Grizzly Sports Complex as well as some away games.  This program registration fee covers the fees associated with the Park Authority, insurance, and practice rental space.  

Note: Additional fee for uniform purchase.

Cheer Commitment Levels
For our 2nd – 8th Graders:

We divide our cheerleaders into commitment levels. Please read through the different commitment levels and choose the best match for your cheerleader. Please note: these commitment levels can be changed during spirit week. Younger cheerleaders will be considered for higher levels of commitment on an individual basis based on cheer coach recommendation. 

Level 1 Commitment
This level is open to all cheerleaders 2nd-8th grade. This is the traditional sideline/game day experience. There will be 1-2 practices a week.  

Level 2 Commitment
This level is open to cheerleaders in 2nd-8th grade.  In addition to the sideline/game day experience the cheerleaders will also perform at the Fairfax County Youth Cheerleading Performance Day. There will be 2-3 practices a week. Additional fees, up to $30, may be collected at a later date to cover participation fees associated with the Performance Day.

Spirit Week kicks off the Grizzly Cheerleading season in August, where all registered cheerleaders are to attend.  It is a camp like environment where cheerleaders practice together in large groups to learn cheers, chants and a dance as well as work on conditioning and fundamental motion and jump skills.  Sprit Week coincides with Grizzly Football Combine week.

Spirit Week Reminders:  All girls should come dressed ready to practice in shorts, t-shirt, tennis shoes and hair up.  No flip-flops and no jewelry.  Bring a labeled water bottle. Bug spray is recommended.


For all our cheerleaders in grades Kindergarten and First grade, as well as in grades 2nd-8th,  the uniform top and skirt will need to be purchased.  Those that have purchased them in the past, will need to purchase new ones this year as our cheer uniform is changing.  

Uniform distribution will take place during Spirit week in August.  Parent signature is required to release uniforms.  If a parent is unable to pick up the uniform on one of the assigned dates, the cheer coach must pick up the uniform during the assigned dates.


After Spirit Week, the location and time of practices will change and is determined by the Head Cheer Coach.  We are not able to accommodate requests for your practice nights or practice location.  Potential locations, (but not limited to) for practice include: Alvey Elementary, Buckland Mills Elementary, Glenkirk Elementary, PACE West, Tyler Elementary, Gainesville Middle and The Grizzly Sports Complex.

Depending on the commitment level chosen, during August there are 2-3 practices per week lasting 1 - 2 hours.  Once school begins, there are 1-2 practices per week lasting 1-2 hours.  Practice nights and times are determined by the Head Cheer Coach, along with the space provided and made available by the Park Authority.  The age of the cheerleaders will be considered when determining the length and frequency of practices.

Games begin mid September and continues for seven weeks through the end of October.  Please refer to the web calendar for actual dates.  However, scrimmages against other teams may take place up to two weeks prior to the first official game of the season.  The season will extend into November for teams that advance to the play-offs.

Grizzly cheerleaders cheer for a Grizzly football team.  There are seven regular season football games with the potential of additional play-off games.  We have both home and away games so travel may be necessary.  Away games are held throughout the Northern Virginia area (Loudoun, Fairfax, and Prince William County).  The Grizzly home field is at the Grizzly Sports Complex. Games at Mayhew Park, in Manassas, may also be considered “home” games.

Games may be played on Saturday or Sunday and occasionally during the week.


Kindergarten – 1st grade:  Grizzly cheerleaders in kindergarten and 1st grade will cheer for games at the Grizzly Sports Complex.  Squads will not necessarily be assigned to an individual football team. Instead, cheer squads will cheer at an assigned game each weekend. 

2nd grade and up:  Girls 2nd grade and up cheer for away games and home games.

Squad assignments are made after Spirit Week once the football draft is complete. We would love to form a cheer squad for every football team; however, this typically is not possible because the number of squads formed is dependent upon the availability of cheer coaches as well as the number of registered cheerleaders.  There will be approximately 8-10 girls per squad.  

Girls on cheer squads will be within a 1-2 year age range.  In cheerleading, as in all other sports, it is important to form teams that are age appropriate, meaning girls of similar ages will be placed together on squads.  By allowing girls to cheer within their own age range, each girl will have better individualized help at the appropriate skill level.  Similar aged squads also allow for better team compatibility, improved safety, and an overall better experience for cheerleaders and coaches.     

If you have a child who plays football and would like to request your daughter cheer for their football team, you may submit this request in writing.  We will make every effort to honor this request, however, it is not possible to accommodate all sibling requests.  Please do not make friend or carpooling request.  We are unable to honor these requests.

Registration fees do not cover all the costs associated with running the league.  In an attempt to keep registration fees at a reasonable amount, sponsorships and fundraising is an essential component of being part of the Grizzly family. 

Cheerleaders ARE REQUIRED to participate in the GHYFL fundraising activities as well as obtain sponsorships for their team.  Please see the appropriate areas of the Grizzly website for additional information.


All Cheerleader registration and uniform registration is done on-line at the Grizzly web site:
•    Online registration accepts VISA and MasterCard.  First Cheerleader registration fee is as listed above; thereafter each Cheerleader will receive a $10 discount if they are registered at the same time.
•    Participants who register during late registration will incur an additional charge from the registration rate.  They may also experience a delay in receiving the GHYFL uniform. Registering after August 1st, may cause a delay in having a uniform for the first game.
•    Registration fees go towards Park Authority fees, FCYFL dues, and insurance fees as well as uniforms
It also allows participation in weekly practices and games, and special events such as 'Grizzly Day', and our end of season GHYFL Performance Day.
•    GHYFL has a NO REFUND policy.