Welcome to Grizzly Flag Football! We are thrilled to provide a safe, enjoyable, and competitive environment for young athletes passionate about football. Our exceptional program is upheld by dedicated coaches and certified officials committed to guiding and inspiring our youth. We invite those interested in volunteering to join our experienced team and contribute to our mission.

Grizzly Flag Football runs in the spring and the fall. We take pride in witnessing our young athletes thrive, fostering a love for the game that may lead them to pursue paths in college, coaching, and even professional opportunities.

Emphasizing sportsmanship, competition, and fun, our Youth League creates an environment that encourages growth and success. Come and be a part of the Grizzly Flag Football community!

SPRING FLAG FOOTBALL (AGES 5/6 and 7/8): Join us in the spring for an exciting season of Flag Football. We offer age-appropriate divisions for 5/6 and 7/8-year-olds, ensuring that each child gets the most out of their experience on the field.

FALL FLAG FOOTBALL (AGES 5/6): Our program focuses on the 5/6 age group in the fall, providing a tailored and developmentally appropriate environment for the youngest players.


  • Emphasis on Fun: We prioritize making every session enjoyable, fostering a positive attitude toward physical activity.
  • Skill Development: Our experienced coaches focus on fundamental skill development, helping players build a strong foundation in Flag Football.
  • Inclusive Environment: We believe in inclusivity, ensuring that every child feels welcome and supported, regardless of their skill level.


  • Players should come to practice equipped with cleats, a mouthpiece, and an ample supply of water.
  • For games, players must have cleats, a colored mouthpiece, black shorts without pockets, and sufficient water.

  • Each player will receive a reversible jersey to keep.

  • Requests for specific coaches, practice days, or locations are not accommodated. Coaches have the flexibility to choose their practice days, times, and locations.

  • Games occur at the Grizzly Sports Complex (GSC), while practices are conducted at local schools in Gainesville, Bristow, and Haymarket.

  • The speed limit within the Complex is strictly enforced at FIVE (5) mph. Kindly drive cautiously.

  • Pets are not allowed at any practice field or the complex. Please inform attending family and friends accordingly.

  • Smoking/Vaping is strictly prohibited.

  • Compliance with no parking signs and marked yellow curbs is essential, as parking is prohibited in these areas.

  • Stay updated on field status through the website or email notifications. Note that games and practices at the Complex proceed in the rain.


As a football team relies on a skilled quarterback to orchestrate plays on the field, our Flag Football teams need a Team Manager to coordinate the off-field efforts. As a Team Manager, you'll play a pivotal role in ensuring our players have everything they need to succeed. Your responsibilities may include coordinating snacks, facilitating communication between coaches and parents, and handling various logistical aspects crucial to the team's success.

Your involvement will not only contribute to the overall success of the team but also foster a sense of community among players, parents, and coaches. We genuinely hope you'll consider joining us in making this season memorable for everyone involved.